• Question: I am interested about becoming an engineer. Do you have any tips so I can be the best i can be?

    Asked by item130bow on 17 Feb 2020.
    • Photo: Peter Fawdon

      Peter Fawdon answered on 17 Feb 2020:

      Don’t be afraid of maths! and listening carefully to understand the problems, you are being trying o solves.

      I’m not an engineer but the best engineers I have met working on the Exomars project have been the ones who try to understand why the things they are working on the matter as well as fulfilling specifications.

    • Photo: Abbie Hutty

      Abbie Hutty answered on 19 Feb 2020:

      Make things!

      I always found that designing and building things – no matter what, is really useful for life as an engineer. Knowing that if a part of your design doesn’t work as you expected, how to change it to make it better, and how to weigh up one design option against another for all the different criteria that might affect the decision, are all part of being a good engineer.

      Lateral thinking and problem solving and being able to visualise what you want to achieve, and brainstorm ideas to get there, are all skills that can be developed and practiced and improved upon with experience.