• Question: On a day to day basis what do you normally do?

    Asked by Jasmine L to Divya M. - PanCam Team, John - Planetary Team on 7 Feb 2020. This question was also asked by Jasmine.
    • Photo: Divya M. Persaud

      Divya M. Persaud answered on 7 Feb 2020:

      I spend a lot of time with different computers! I do a few things:

      1. Processing images. For me, this means using code to put together Mars images into 3D models.

      2. Visualization and analysis. These 3D images need to be put into special software so I can look at them in 3D. Then I can do all sorts of measurements on the images, like the size and placement of rocks.

      3. Writing! I’m in the last year of my PhD so I spend a lot of time getting my thesis ready for submission this summer.