• Question: whats your favourite type of bread

    Asked by Libby on 9 Jan 2020. This question was also asked by Charlotte.
    • Photo: Yuri Yushtein

      Yuri Yushtein answered on 9 Jan 2020:


    • Photo: Divya M. Persaud

      Divya M. Persaud answered on 9 Jan 2020:

      I make a nice gluten-free rosemary bread!

    • Photo: John Bridges

      John Bridges answered on 9 Jan 2020:

      Wholemeal bread, and also ‘butteries’, which are a delicacy from Aberdeen.

    • Photo: Adam Parkes Bowen

      Adam Parkes Bowen answered on 9 Jan 2020:

      Oh, jalapeno and red pepper cob. Or anything with cheese in…

    • Photo: Craig Leff

      Craig Leff answered on 9 Jan 2020:

      Usually just whole wheat, but I do like olive bread, or bread with jalapeños — neither are the best for peanut butter sandwiches, however.

    • Photo: Abbie Hutty

      Abbie Hutty answered on 10 Jan 2020:

      Currently a bit obsessed with Panettone. They do a teeny one in Wilkinsons for £1 and it’s basically a muffin but made out of Panettone. Soooo good. Does that count as bread?

    • Photo: Stephen Durrant

      Stephen Durrant answered on 10 Jan 2020:

      I like all sorts of bread, especially if it’s fresh; I like Spelt and Foccaccia.
      Being in Toulouse at the moment I can go to the local market and get a fresh crunchy baguette.

    • Photo: Andrew Ball

      Andrew Ball answered on 10 Jan 2020:


    • Photo: Alex Taylor-Gates

      Alex Taylor-Gates answered on 11 Jan 2020:

      I love a farmhouse grainary loaf that you have to cut yourself.
      Add smoked bacon, melted extra strong cheddar cheese and Stokes Tomato sauce…. that’s one killer sandwich!