ExoMars Rover Zone: January – July 2020

Students connect with engineering teams behind the ExoMars missions

Launching in late 2020, the ExoMars rover will be headline news in science and engineering. Over six months, your students will get a real insight into the people and technology responsible for sending a robot to another planet.

The rover, named Rosalind Franklin after the chemist whose work lead to the discovery of the physical structure of DNA, is the next stage in a programme of missions that are a collaborative effort between a large number of international teams.

Each class can chat live with the engineers at two different points between January and June to see how the project is progressing – PLUS students can login from home for evening live chats every other week.

Students will ASK questions, CHAT live to engineers, and VOTE for a winner

During the activity, students will be able to:

  • Read about what each of the teams works on, and receive monthly updates on their progress
  • ASK their questions about the things they want to know
  • Have two chances to CHAT to the engineers live during lessons, and login from home to join the evening live chats with their families twice a month
  • VOTE for the team they want to win the £500 prize to spend on more STEM engagement

Creating links across the curriculum

The nature of these missions means that experts from a wide range of disciplines come together to work on the project. This creates a chance to link to the project from all parts of the curriculum. So your students could take part in a chat during a science class about evolution and fossil records or a geography class about weather systems, or ask questions about programming the robot during a computing lesson, or about the properties of the materials used to build it during physics, chemistry or design technology.

Key activity details

This is a new activity open to all schools in the UK, with limited spaces for classes in Year 5 – Year 11, that will run throughout the school year from 6th January – 10th July 2020. If you would like to involve your class, register your interest by Friday 29th November.
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