• Question: do you have pets :3

    Asked by fluffy on 9 Jan 2020. This question was also asked by jazz130red.
    • Photo: Yuri Yushtein

      Yuri Yushtein answered on 9 Jan 2020:

      I had a cat when I was a child, but not currently.

    • Photo: Divya M. Persaud

      Divya M. Persaud answered on 9 Jan 2020:

      I had two Japanese fighting fish named Gollum and Smeagol as a kid πŸ™‚ They’ve been replaced with a lot of plants on my desk! I’m also the “aunt” of my sister’s two puppies.

    • Photo: John Bridges

      John Bridges answered on 9 Jan 2020:

      Yes we have a Bichon – Tsch Tzou cross called Harry. He is about 4 years and is a rescue dog.

    • Photo: Adam Parkes Bowen

      Adam Parkes Bowen answered on 9 Jan 2020:

      My family has a Border Terrier, whose at the ripe old age at 16! She may be half blind, completely deaf and missing half her teeth but she’s as adorable as ever <3

    • Photo: Craig Leff

      Craig Leff answered on 9 Jan 2020:

      We have a cat that’s 6 years old and two tortoises we inherited from a family member — no one knows how old they are, but we know that one of them is at least 60 years old. We keep talking about getting a dog, too, but we seem to be busy enough already. There’s a hedgehog that regularly visits out back garden — does that count? πŸ™‚

    • Photo: Abbie Hutty

      Abbie Hutty answered on 10 Jan 2020:

      We have a beautiful cat (ginger with white paws and bib, and a smudge on his nose) called Rusty. He’s 9 now and as lovely as ever! We also have a few fish, but over the years we’ve stopped giving them names I’m afraid. There the red one, the turquoise one, the blue one, the spotty catfish one, and the two neon tetras.

    • Photo: Paul Norridge

      Paul Norridge answered on 10 Jan 2020:

      We currently have some fish and a very shy tarantula. We’re planning to get some guinea pigs and snake. We might need to make sure the snake never meets the guinea pigs!

    • Photo: Stephen Durrant

      Stephen Durrant answered on 10 Jan 2020:

      We have some Fish and a Poodle called ‘Aussie’

    • Photo: Andrew Ball

      Andrew Ball answered on 10 Jan 2020:

      We have a cat called Yoda! He’s a Mekong Bobtail.

    • Photo: Alex Taylor-Gates

      Alex Taylor-Gates answered on 11 Jan 2020:

      I have a Pomeranian called Evie!
      Check out her photographs on my profile!