• Question: what do planetary scientists do?

    Asked by maze130sit to Peter, John - Planetary Team, Adam - Planetary Team on 7 Apr 2020.
    • Photo: Adam Parkes Bowen

      Adam Parkes Bowen answered on 7 Apr 2020:

      In short; a lot! Depending on which planet you’re looking at, and what aspect you are focusing on you could be modelling its atmosphere using data gathered from Earth based observatories, mapping a planets magnetosphere to learn about the interior of the planet or using orbital telescopes to characterise a site and to determine its history (such as what we are doing at the ExoMar’s landing site Oxia Planum). You could also be involved in more practical work, whether using your knowledge to help develop instruments which could further your research or going on field expeditions to compare sites on Earth with others throughout the solar system!