• Question: When did you first start doing your current job.

    Asked by Sonia P to Adam - Planetary Team on 4 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: Adam Parkes Bowen

      Adam Parkes Bowen answered on 4 Mar 2020:

      I started my current job in September 2018, this being a PhD at the University of Leicester. I’m helping to map and characterise Oxia Planum, the landing site for the Rosalind Franklin rover, using CaSSIS (a colour camera on board the Trace Gas Orbiter) to try to map out the clay unit at Oxia Planum, along with HiRISE (a camera which can resolve objects 0.5m wide) to compare terrains at Oxia Planum with those at Gale Crater (where the Curiosity rover is located). I’m doing this because, ultimately, if we want to make the best use of the rover when it reaches Mars, we need to know as much about the area it lands in as possible. That is what I and the rest of the Plantery science team are hoping to do, as well as working with the data coming back from the rover after it lands.